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Elf Bar Vs Esco Bar: An In-Depth Review for Discerning Vapers

Elf Bar Vs Esco Bar: An In-Depth Review for Discerning Vapers

Posted by Anna William on Mar 27th 2024

The perfect vape experience is what you're seeking. We have the mighty Esco Bar in one corner, and the enchanting Elf Bar in the other. It's the showdown of the century, folks—Elf Bar vs. Esco Bar." This epic battle isn't just about clouds and flavors; it's about finding your vape soulmate. Now grab your popcorn, relax, and let us watch these two titans in the vape world go head to head.

Esco Bar Vs Elf Bar: In-Depth Comparison

Let's get down to brass tacks. We're looking at two titans in the vaping arena when comparing Esco Bars and Elf Bars. Each brand has its own unique charm, but how do they stack up in a head-to-head matchup?

A Comparison Of Prices

Ah, the age-old question: how much is it going to cost me? Esco Bars and Elf Bars are all about the details. Esco Bars tend to offer more bang for your buck in terms of longevity and flavor options. Elf Bars, on the other hand, might be slightly easier on the wallet upfront. Due to the recent lawsuits the company is facing, Elf Bar will also be harder to find.

Comparing Different Features


When it comes to size, think of it as choosing between a sleek sports car and a spacious SUV. Esco Bars boast a slim profile, perfect for on-the-go vaping, while Elf Bars offer a bit more heft, often translating to more juice and longer usage time.


In the world of vaping, size does matter, but capacity reigns supreme. Esco Bars typically pack a heftier capacity, ensuring you get more vaping time before needing a replacement. Elf Bars are no slouches either, offering a generous amount of e-liquid, but Esco Bars edge them out capacity wise.


Strength is where personal preference takes center stage. In addition to offering a wide range of nicotine strengths, Esco Bars also offer a smooth hit of flavor and strength for those who prefer a more robust hit. As for the nicotine strength, both will be the same at a 5% nicotine level.

The Battery Life

Nobody likes running out of juice in the middle of a cloud session. You won't run out of power when you use Esco Bars because their batteries last for a long time. Elf Bars require more frequent charging sessions, depending on your usage.

The Number Of Puffs

When it comes to puff count, it's like comparing marathons: every step counts. Esco Bars, with their larger sizes and efficient design, often offer more puffs per device, making them a go-to for heavy users or users who prefer to spend more time with their vape. Elf Bars have decent amount of puffs on them but you’ll find yourself replacing them more frequently.

Contains Materials

Both brands use premium materials to guarantee quality and safety. However, Esco Bars takes pride in its rigorous testing and quality control processes, ensuring a safe and smooth experience with every puff.

The Design

Design isn't just about looks; it's about how it feels in your hand and how it fits into your life. Esco Bars are stylish and functional thanks to their sleek, ergonomic designs. Elf Bars are no slouch in the design department either, offering vibrant colors and easy-to-use interfaces but tend to be a bit bulky in the hand.


In the age of sustainability, being able to recharge your device is a plus. Esco Bars come in both disposable and rechargeable variants, giving you options based on your lifestyle. Elf Bars are traditionally disposable, focusing on portability.

2500 Puffs

Escobars and Elfbar 2500 puffs price range between $14.99 to $16.99

4000 Puffs

The price range for Escobars and Elfbar 4000 puffs is between $12.99 and $16.95.

5000 Puffs

The price of the Escobars and Elfbar 5000 puffs ranges between $16.99 and $20.00

6000 Puffs

Escobars and Elfbar 5000 puffs are priced from $16.99 to $25.00

Elf Bar Vs Escobar– A Comparison Of Flavors And Variety

Now, let's talk flavors, because taste is king at the end of the day.

Best Esco Bar Flavors

When it comes to choosing the best vape flavor, it's like picking your favorite song on a playlist full of hits; it's tough because they're all so good. But let's dive into the symphony of flavors that Esco Bars offer, breaking down what makes each one a chart-topper.

Strawberry Cream

Imagine the sweet embrace of ripe strawberries, swirled in a dance with rich, creamy decadence. Strawberry Cream is not just a flavor; it's an experience. Each puff is like biting into a luscious strawberry dipped in a cloud of cream. It's a classic love story between fruit and dairy, delivered in a way that only Esco Bars can.

Blue Razz Cotton Candy

Take a stroll down memory lane to the carnival days of your youth with Blue Razz Cotton Candy. This flavor is a playful twist on the traditional cotton candy, with the bold, tangy essence of blue raspberry adding a zesty kick. It's fun, it's fruity, and it's slightly tart, making every puff a joyous rollercoaster ride for your taste buds.

Cotton Candy

For those who crave simpler pleasures, Cotton Candy offers the sweet, airy delight of freshly spun sugar without any bells and whistles. It's straightforward yet enchanting, capturing the pure essence of cotton candy from the county fair. Each inhale is a puff of sweetness that melts in your mouth, leaving a trail of nostalgia in its wake.

Watermelon Ice

Cool off on a hot summer day with a refreshing splash of Watermelon Ice. Watermelon is combined with a brisk, icy finish to give this flavor its crisp, sweet taste. It's like biting into a chilled watermelon slice and feeling the cool juice drip down your chin—but without the mess. A perfect blend of sweetness and chill, it's a summer fling that lasts all year round.

Orange Limeade

Zesty, tangy, and utterly refreshing, Orange Limeade is the citrus kick you didn't know you needed. It marries the sharp tang of lime with the sweet, sunny disposition of orange, creating a flavor that's both bold and balanced. With a twist of orange, each puff is like sipping limeade on a sunny porch while enjoying a glass of limeade.

Mango Ice

Embark on a tropical getaway with Mango Ice. This flavor captures the lush, juicy essence of ripe mangoes, cooled with a hint of ice for a finish that's as refreshing as a sea breeze. It's a sweet, succulent escape to paradise with every puff, transporting you to an island where the mangoes are always ripe and the chill never fades.


Clean, crisp, and invigorating, Spearmint is the breath of fresh air your vaping experience has been waiting for. You can almost taste the fresh minty flavor of the first chew of spearmint gum. But the best part? The flavor doesn't fade. Each puff is as fresh and invigorating as the first, offering a palate cleanse that's perfect between sweet or fruity flavors.

Peach Ice

Peach Ice is a delicate blend of soft, juicy peach sweetness with a frosty finish. It's like biting into a succulent peach at the peak of ripeness, followed by the cooling touch of ice. The balance between fruit and chill is masterfully achieved, creating a flavor that's both comforting and exhilarating.

Bubble Gum Ice

For a sweet trip down memory lane with a cool twist, Bubble Gum Ice delivers. It captures the classic, sugary goodness of bubble gum, cooled down with a smooth, icy finish. Each puff is a bubble of nostalgia that doesn't stick to your teeth—just your memory. It's playful, it's sweet, and it's irresistibly cool.

Red Apple

Crisp, clean, and wonderfully straightforward, Red Apple is the essence of autumn captured in a puff. It's like plucking an apple straight from the tree, feeling the crunch as you bite in, and tasting the sweet, slightly tart juice. There's no fuss, no frills, just the pure, wholesome goodness of red apples in every breath.

Each of these flavors is a true testament to Esco Bars' mastery over the art of vape juice crafting. Esco Bar loves bringing flavors that are unique and true to taste. Whether you're in the mood for something fruity, creamy, cool, or just plain sweet, Esco Bars has a melody of flavors that can make your vaping playlist sing.

Best Elf Bar Flavors

Elf Bars, known for their wide range of flavors, offer a variety of tastes for you to select from. Let's take a closer look at some flavors that have captured the attention of vapers.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava is a blend of fruits. You will get notes on kiwi, passion fruit, and other fruits, giving this vape flavor a tropical theme.

Peach Mango Watermelon

Peach, mango and watermelon trio of fruity flavors. The peach offers a sweetness that should compliment the mango flavor. Watermelon is a classic flavor. It's a flavor that everyone is familiar with.

Watermelon Ice

Watermelon Ice is a mixture of fruity watermelon flavors with a hit of cool ice. We can see why this is a popular flavor.

Strawberry Mango

Strawberry and mango are two favorite fruits; each has its own charm. The strawberry's bright, sweet berry notes mixed with the mango's tropical attraction. Elf Bars' flavor combinations are renowned, and this blend feels familiar and unique.

Elf Bar flavors come in many combinations. Elf Bars has selections for many tastes, from tropical fruits to summer combinations to iced favorites. Each flavor carries its own unique charm.

The variety and depth of flavors from both brands are impressive, with each offering unique taste profiles that cater to a wide range of preferences. Whatever your taste, whether you're a tropical bliss lover or a sweet indulgence fan, there's something for you here.

Pros And Cons

In the dynamic and diverse world of vaping, choosing between Elf Bar and Esco Bar is like picking your favorite character in a video game, but at the end of the day, one is stronger than the other. Every option has its advantages and disadvantages, making the decision all the more difficult. To help you decide what to buy, let's analyze the pros and cons of Elf Bars vs Esco Bars.

Esco Bar


Puff Count: Esco Bars generally boast a higher puff count, making them a more enduring companion for the avid vaper. This means fewer replacements and a longer-lasting vaping experience. Great option for those in it for the long haul.

Portability: Esco Bars have a sleek design that many people prefer and are easy to hold.

Battery Life: With a robust battery life, Esco Bars cater to those who vape frequently or for extended periods. They're designed to keep you puffing longer with minimal interruptions.

Flavor Intensity: Many users find that Esco Bars offer a more intense and satisfying flavor experience. The brand's focus on delivering rich, full-bodied tastes makes each puff a delight.


Size: Due to their larger battery and liquid capacity, Esco Bars can be slightly larger than Elf Bars. For those who prioritize weight, this might be a consideration.

Price Point: With higher puff counts and battery life, Esco Bars may come at a slightly higher price point. This could be a deciding factor for vapers looking for a more budget-friendly option.

Elf Bar


Variety of Flavors: Elf Bars offer a wide range of flavors, so you may have more to choose from.

Portability: Elf Bars are designed to be portable and compact. Easy to fit in your pants pocket or shirt pocket. Great for festivals and concerts!

Ease of Use: Elf Bars are extremely easy to use since they have no buttons or settings to mess with. Beginners or users who prefer a straightforward experience with vaping will benefit from these devices.


Puff Count: While they offer convenience and variety, some Elf Bars may have a lower puff count compared to their Esco Bar counterparts, potentially requiring more frequent replacements.

Battery Life: Depending on your vaping habits, you might find the battery life of Elf Bars a bit limiting, especially if you're a heavy user.

Availability: Due to recent lawsuits, you may have a hard time finding Elf Bar on shelves or in flavors you like.


The Elf Bar vs. Esco Bar saga is a tale of two giants, each with its own legion of loyal followers. While both have there own unique traits and perks, at the end of the race, Esco Bar hits the finish line first, while Elf Bar comes in a close second place when it comes to flavor and longevity.

Ultimately, the choice between Esco Bar and Elf Bar boils down to personal preferences and vaping habits. Are you a flavor aficionado looking for a durable, long-lasting vape? Esco Bar might be worth checking out.


What Are The Main Differences Between Esco Bar And Elf Bar?

The main differences lie in puff count, battery life, size, and flavor intensity. Esco Bars typically offer a higher puff count and longer battery life, catering to heavy users or those looking for a more enduring vaping experience. They tend to be slightly larger due to their increased capacity. Elf Bars, on the other hand, are known for their wide range of flavors and compact, user-friendly design, making them ideal for on-the-go vaping.

Which Brand Offers A Better Flavor Variety, Esco Bar Or Elf Bar?

Esco Bar is often celebrated for its extensive flavor variety, offering a wide array of options that cater to every taste. There is a flavor for every taste at Esco Bar, from fruity to sweet and everything in between. Elf Bar also offers a robust selection of flavors, with a focus on rich and intense taste experiences.

Are Esco Bars More Expensive Than Elf Bar?

Esco Bars and Elf Bars are priced similarly, with only a slight variation in cost based on the number of puffs. This indicates that both products follow a competitive pricing strategy, which makes them equally affordable and accessible for vapers, no matter which brand they prefer. Ultimately, the decision between Esco Bars and Elf Bars is usually based on personal vaping preferences rather than significant differences in cost.

Is It Possible To Recharge An Esco Bar Or An Elf Bar?

Some Esco Bar models are rechargeable, allowing users to enjoy their device until the flavor runs out. Elf Bars are traditionally disposable and are not designed to be recharged. When choosing between a rechargeable and disposable device, vapers must take into account their vaping habits and personal preferences.

How Many Puffs Are Offered By Esco Bar And Elf Bar Disposables?

Esco Bars generally offer a higher puff count, ranging widely depending on the specific model. They can offer anywhere from 2500 to 6000 puffs per device. Elf Bars, while also offering a significant number of puffs, typically range on the lower end compared to Esco Bars, with specific counts varying by model.

How Do I Choose Between Esco Bar And Elf Bar?

Esco Bar vs. Elf Bar should be chosen based on several factors. If you're looking for a device with a higher puff count, longer battery life, and intense flavors, the Esco Bar could be more suited to your needs, and if you are looking for a compact, simple design, the Elf Bar might be an option.

Are Esco Bar And Elf Bar Rechargeable?

Esco Bars 2500-puff version is the only one that's non-rechargeable. In contrast, the 4000, 5000, and 6000 puff versions are all rechargeable via USB-C since they have higher puff counts. Elf Bar offers non-rechargeable products such as MC600, T600, Elf Bar 600, and NC600. They also have rechargeable options, including the Elfa Pod and Mate 500, boast 500.

Which Brand Is More Suitable For Beginners, Esco Bar Or Elf Bar?

With their simplistic, user-friendly design and a wide variety of flavors, Esco Bar and Elf Bar are both suitable for beginners, helping them discover their preferences based on their favorite flavors.

Which Brand Has Better Battery Life: Esco Bar Or Elf Bar?

Esco Bar is known for having better battery life compared to Elf Bar, thanks to its larger size and design, which accommodates a more powerful battery. This makes Esco Bars a preferred option for users looking for a device that can last longer between charges.

Which Bar Has Better Flavor Options, Esco Bar Or Elf Bar?

While both brands offer a great selection of flavors, Elf Bar is often highlighted for its broader range of flavor options, catering to a wide spectrum of tastes. Esco Bar, while also providing a diverse flavor portfolio, focuses more on the intensity and richness of each flavor experience.

Please feel free to contact our support team at if you have any questions. Esco Bars Direct Expert Support Team will be happy to assist you. For more information on Esco Bar, visit our blog section and get answers to all your questions.

No matter your preference, the vaping journey is a personal one, and exploring different options is all part of the fun. Whether you lean towards Elf Bar or Esco Bar, each puff is a step towards discovering your ideal vaping companion. Happy vaping!