Esco Bars 4000 Puffs

Introducing the Esco Bars 4000 Disposable Vape

Ultimate vaping companion, designed to revolutionize your vaping experience with its exceptional features and delightful flavors.

The Esco Bars 4000 Disposable Vape is a recent addition to the Esco Bar x Kilo lineup, boasting a visually appealing and sleek design. Notably, this disposable vape stands out with its impressive 4000 puffs, ensuring you have ample time to savor the incredible flavors it offers.

To enhance the longevity of your EscoBarsDirect vaping pleasure, this device is equipped with a robust and enduring battery, complemented by a generously sized tank to hold more liquid. Vaping sessions can be extended without the need for constant recharging when you use Esco Bars 4000 puffs.

Disposable vapes like this one are distinguished by their mesh coils, which ensure optimal vaping experiences. This innovative coil interacts seamlessly with the salt nicotine e-juice, allowing you to relish the full depth of your favorite flavors.

A wide variety of flavors are available in Esco Bars 4000 puffs Disposable Vape. Choose from:

Mint: Revel in the invigorating chill of mint, perfect for those who crave a refreshing and energizing vaping experience.

Brazzberry: An enticing blend of berries with a sweet and sour fusion, making it a favorite among vapers seeking a delightful and addictive flavor.

Wild Strawberry: Experience the richness of fruity goodness with the wild strawberry flavor, delivering a candy-like fruitiness that's hard to resist.

Rainburst: Indulge in the burst of fruity flavors reminiscent of summertime, accentuated by a hint of sour candy for a refreshing twist.

Mango Twist: For a tropical vibe, the smooth, sweet, and creamy mango flavor is a must-try, satisfying your cravings with every puff.

The Esco Bars Kilo Vape series is designed to endure daily wear and tear, thanks to its premium build quality and durable materials. You can vape discreetly and conveniently on the go with this compact device.

As a disposable vape, the Esco Bars 4000 puffs come prefilled with your chosen flavor, offering 4000 puffs of pure delight. Order in bulk and try different flavors when it's empty or replace it when it's empty.

Furthermore, the Esco Bars Disposable Vape is eco-friendly, as many supermarkets and vape stores offer recycling options for proper disposal.

The design of this vaping device is both ergonomic and eye-catching, with color-coded exteriors that correspond to the flavor you select. The curved design ensures a comfortable grip, while the device remains stable on flat surfaces.

Each Esco Bars 4000 puffs Disposable Vape includes a 1500mAh built-in battery and a spacious 9mL vape juice tank, providing you with a remarkable 4000 puffs of pure enjoyment. With 5% synthetic nicotine salt in each vape, you can expect a consistently robust and flavorful vaping experience.

Experience the difference with Esco Bars 4000 Disposable Vape, where every puff is a burst of flavor and satisfaction. Discover the world of Esco Bars and Kilo Vape, where quality, style, and flavor unite in perfect harmony.

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