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Mar 7th 2023

You just picked up your favorite flavors from your local shop or got them delivered to your house. You are excited to calm your nicotine-craving nerves as you rip open the package containing your favorite Esco Bars flavor. You take the first draw and notice something off, so you take another and another. You come to the realization that the taste you are experiencing is not pleasant. Something is off, you wonder to yourself. Your disposable vape tastes burnt and has a nasty flavor profile.

Read on to find out why your new Esco Bars taste burnt and what you can do to solve the problem.

What could cause this, you ask yourself. Why does my new esco bar taste burnt? We, as founders of the company, have experienced this ourselves, and it is a rare occurrence. However, there could be several factors involved.

The wick of the vape has dried out and doesn’t have enough e-liquid.

Taking too many hits back to back can also cause a burnt taste because you are not giving the wick enough time to soak up the e-juice.

The burnt taste may appear due to charging your disposable vape with an incorrect voltage.

While rare, manufacturing defects in all industries are known to happen sometimes.

What can you do about it?

Dry Wick

When the wick of the vape dries out in a disposable vape, it may mean that you have vaped most of the liquid, but there is enough battery juice left to power the device. Another cause of a dried wick could be that you left it for an extended period of time in a heated environment such as your car. During the blazing summer heat, it is fairly common for car interiors to reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

Back-to-back and Long Hits

Taking back-to-back-to-back puffs or long drags may cause your vape battery to overheat. It can also cause your wick to not re-saturate fast enough. It is essential to give your device enough time to cool down. You heard your mother telling you to give the vacuum a break, and the same goes for your device. Give your battery enough time to cool down and your wick to regain its juicy wetness and goodness.

You are incorrectly charging your Disposable Vapes

Your Esco Bars or other disposable vapes don’t require a lot of power to operate and are not meant to be charged with high voltage. A 65-watt or more wattage charger that is meant to power up your laptop is NOT designed for low-voltage electronics like vapes. You should use a low voltage, preferably under 5 watts. A fast charger will wreak havoc on your Esco Bars unless it is a smart charger and can recognize how much wattage to send or output to the device it is charging. Chargers that display how much wattage they are sending, like the ones from Anker or Shark Geek, should be used. Otherwise, use a low-voltage charger.

How long should you charge your disposable vapes for? Well, if you use a smart charger, it will know automatically when to stop charging. If you are not using a smart charger, then charge your disposable vapes in 15-minute increments. You may notice that your vape may be hot to the touch when you unplug it from charging it. Please wait 5 minutes to give your battery enough time to cool down after the charging process. If you don’t wait, you might get that burnt flavor.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects happen in all industries. However, they are extremely rare. If your new Esco Bars taste burnt and has that burnt flavor profile right off the bat, then you have a defective unit. If your vape is not hitting and blinking right away, hitting on its own, then you also have a defective unit. Keep reading to find out what you can do about it.

What can you do about your defective Esco Bars?

Well, if you purchased your Esco Bars on, then you are in luck. Being the only Internet Authorized Retailer of Pastel Cartel (the company which makes Esco Bars), we get your favorite flavors directly from the source, and we stand by our products and our customers. We have worked hard to gain your trust and business. Thus we won’t let a defective product get in the way of breaking that. We strive to provide you with the most stellar customer service.

In the unlikely event that you do get a product which has a manufacturing defect, we are here to help. Please take a video of the defect and or send us back the defective product. Depending on the circumstance, we may reimburse you for the shipping and or product in the form of a gift card for our store. You must get an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number from us prior to shipping the merchandise.

We hope we were able to educate you on why your new Esco Bars and disposable vapes taste burnt, how to use them properly, and what you can do about it, depending on who you purchased them from.